2014 TEAM
Creative Directors – Lauren Goshinski & Quinn Leonowicz

Edgar (Um) Bucholtz
Aaron Clark
Juan Lafontaine
Matt McDermott
Naeem Martinez-White
Kevin Ramser
Ben Tabas
Eileen Angulo
Erin Cooper
Declan McGuire
Christina Lee
Alina Visnic

Bojan Jovanovic
Ricky Serrano
Vincent Uribe

  • 2013

    “It’s queer as hell, and we don’t just mean gay (but we also mean gay).”
    Huffington Post

    VIA 2013 features the festival’s broadest programming to date including a handful of new partnerships with creative organizations in Pittsburgh.


    Running October 01-06, VIA and its partner events attract close to 6,000 attendees. VIA 2013 is included in Resident Advisor’s Top 10 October Festivals, and Huffington Post highlights the festival as a creative map to exploring Pittsburgh while experiencing cutting-edge music and art from around the world.

    In partnership with the 54th Carnegie International – the oldest exhibition of contemporary art in the United States at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Museum of Art (CMOA) VIA offers an exclusive “passport” that gives passholders access to an entire week of exclusive music, art, and performance including the International’s opening gala and weekend access to the museum in addition to VIA festival events. VIA is excited to be curating the International’s gala featuring performances from hometown RuPaul’s Drag Race star Sharon Needles and LA’s Total Freedom.

    Another partnership with TechShop Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Drama is initiated to design audience-generated visuals using a Kinect and 360 “cage” for performances in this year’s feature pop-up venue located in a former family center in East Liberty.

    A partnership with the Kelly Strayhorn Theater and Dance Alloy Studios helps support the creation and premiere of GROUP – an interactive performance that draws upon conventions of rock concerts, spiritual rituals, exercise classes, team-building exercises, self-help seminars and group therapy.

    Over 50 artists participate, featuring (Quinn add the highlight audio artists and any descriptor). VIA 2013’s pop-up venue features visual artists in the form of avatars (LaTurbo Avedon), roving indie videogames mounted in custom backpacks, the acclaimed group game Joust, video lounge, and collaborative 360 “cage” blending audience-generated content with visuals by artist “super teams”.

    The VIA team expands officially as well, including a mix of visual artists, promoters, musicians, writers and designers: Kevin Ramser and Ben Tabas, Naeem Martinez White, Juan Lafontaine, Alaina Visnic, M Callen, Eileen Angulo and Allison Cosby.

    2013 Audio: KiNK, Actress, Jacques Greene, Jimmy Edgar, Adult., Pharmakon, Sharon Needles, Raime, Sasha Go Hard, Hunee, Richard Pinhas, Lapalux, Slava, Container, Forma, Vessel, Aaron Dilloway, US Girls, John Elliott, Jason Burns, Unicorn Hard-On, Total Freedom, Natasha Kmeto, Wise Blood, Men’s Room, Beggars in a New Land, Banjee Report, Honcho, Harry Lurker, Dream Weapon, Shisa, Nic Lawless & His Young Criminales, Trogpite, White Tuxedo, @cthemc, Yung Moth

    2013 Visual: LaTurbo Avedon, Rollin Leonard, Joe Hamilton / Hyper Geography, V5MT, Theodore Darst, Kevin Ramser, Ben Tabas, Ian Brill / Transmission, Jeremy Bible / Experimedia, Annapurna Kumar

    2013 Special Projects / Screenings / Performances:
    Backpack Videogames by Molleindustria, Johan Sebastain Joust (game), Casey Jane Ellison x Miss Daddie, Special Effect (Cartune Xprez), twohundredfiftysixcolors, Acid Rain Reflux [2008-13], GROUP, Sublime Frequencies (dbl screening) Voudon Gods on the Slave Coast + The Divine River: Ceremonial Pageantry In The Sahel

    2013 Collaborations & Related Events:
    2013 Carnegie International
    “Alien She” riot grrl exhibition, Miller Gallery
    newMOVES Festival
    Lecture: Mark Allen / Machine Project,Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry
    Demosplash Conference


  • 2012

    “”The festival was a model of innovation in both its planning and execution, lovingly integrated in the city proper, making VIA a Pittsburgh product through and through.”Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    Continuing in East Liberty, this year transforming a former PNC Bank and social club acquired for a year of programming called 6119 in partnership with East Liberty Development. Running from October 01-06, VIA 2012 attracts close to 3,500 attendees and is listed again amongst Resident Advisor’s Top 10 October Festivals.


    With events throughout the city, The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh Filmmakers, Brillobox, Shadow Lounge, The Center for PostNatural History, and DeepLocal host performances and workshops featuring everything from experimental rock and music by plants to hiphop, footwork and future club sounds.

    Over 50 artists participate including headliners Moodymann, LE1F, DJs Spinn & Rashad, Andy Stott, Julia Holter, and Three Legged Race. Visual artist projects take over the screen, the gallery, the rivers, homemade consoles, your own body, and more. Partnerships with Trans-Q TV at Carnegie Mellon University feature a live talk show with SSION, and the Shadow Lounge hosts an afternoon of footwork with Teklife DJs Manny, Spinn, and Rashad.

    2012 Audio: Moodymann, LE1F, DJs Spinn & Rashad, Demdike Stare, Andy Stott, Gatekeeper, Girl Unit, Tiger & Woods, SSION, Julia Holter, ITAL, Lafidki, Magic Touch, M. Geddes Gengras, Laurel Halo, Nadastrom, Zuzuka Poderosa, Poirier, Santiago Salazar, SlowPitch, Three Legged Race, Nate Young, Drainolith, Daughn Gibson, and The Garment District.

    2012 Visual: Scott Andrew, Jeremy Bailey, Di-ay Battad, Andrew Benson, Jacob Ciocci + Ryder Ripps, Ryan Emmett + KeithTassick + Alberty Birney, Erica Gressman, Casey Hallas, Ben Hernstrom, Michael Mallis, Kevin Ramser + Audra Wist, Robot Cowboy, Tim Sherman
    Chris Smalley, Ben Tabas, Thunder Horse Video & Tabor Robak, Katie Torn, Luke Wyatt

    2012 Special Projects: 3D Burns! exhibition curated by Katie Torn & Michael Mallis, The Drift: Azimuth, Babycatles Indie Arcade, Data Garden, Assemble Hack day, Trans-Q TV.

    VIA - clay exhibit - 01

  • 2011

    “In an over-saturated global festival market, what really sets VIA apart from its peers is a very apparent hunger to stretch what it means to be a festival in the 21st century”Dummy Magazine

    VIA 2011 spreads out with more partners and locations, drawing crowds from one neighborhood to the next around the city. Each day builds from intimate venues (Brillobox) to large clubs (The Rex) to a massive pop-up venue – Broad Street Mall – an entire city block of empty commercial space in East Liberty for a weekend of indoor-outdoor events.

    381976_307993445877941_1008262625_n (1)

    Running from Oct 5-9 VIA2011 attracts close to 3,000 people, with 20% of festival-goers coming from outside of Pittsburgh. VIA’s listed again by Resident Advisor as a Top 10 October Festival. Nominated by then-councilman, now mayor Bill Peduto, VIA is honored with a Pittsburgh City Council proclamation that the first week of October in Pittsburgh is “VIA Week”.

    Over 50 artists participate, including performances by Underground Resistance, Austra, Trans Am, and Battles. NYC/LA trio Thunderhorse Video creates multi-media surrounds for Light Asylum and Araab Muzik transporting attendees into a post-apocalyptic otherworld, while the Warhol Museum and Carnegie Museum of Art’s film lounge lets patrons escape into a special selection of rarely-shown art works by Andy Warhol, Paper Rad, Peter Fischli, David Weiss and Roman Signer. Live visuals from individual artists and teams working in code, film, animation, and more saturate custom stages by Hear Corp.

    2011 Audio: Battles, Four Tet, Underground Resistance, Trans Am, Austra, Araab Muzik, Light Asylum, Zombi, Frkwys 7 Ensemble (David Border, Laurel Halo, Daniel Lopatin, James Ferraro), Laurel Halo, Ford & Lopatin, Blondes, Brenmar, Falty DL, Tim Sweeny, Wolf Eyes, Donatto Dozzy, Extreme Animals, Pink Skull, Protect-U, Sutekh, Nuel, Pittsburgh Track Authority, Raw Blow, Smooth Tutors, ELQ, Pure Hype

    2011 Visual: Warhol Museum / Carnegie Museum of Art films, Abstract Birds, Thunderhorse Video, Anton Marini, A. Bill Miller, Rui Periera, Daniel Iglesia, Spencer Longo, Matt Wellins, Michael Mallis + Michael Pisano + Mikey McParlane, Jerstin Crosby, Ben Kinsley, Michelle Fried, Eileen Maxson, David D’Agostino, Matt Sterling, Ben Tabas, Di-Ay Battad, John & Kendra Minadeo, Komputer Kontrolled, local artist films curated by Gretchen Neidert & Marina Pfenning.

    2011 Special Projects: Assemble & ReWire Hacklab (Deren Guler), Bike Orchestra (CMU CODELab), Matthew Barton, Bass Rally (Aaron Neville)


  • 2010

    “You’ll know live visualism has arrived when visualists regularly ‘headline’ the way music does. Look no further than Western PA, where Pittsburgh’s spectacular VIA is doing it right.”Create Digital Motion”

    The first edition of VIA is launched by Lauren Goshinski and Quinn Leonowicz in May 2010 with the help of a Sprout Seed Award, a Pittsburgh grant supporting projects that are “innovative, non-traditional ideas that focus on current issues and challenges faced by the community, and inspire a diverse group of participants to be more active, involved, and civically-engaged.”

    5069460047_b301a95354_b (2)

    Joining forces with Pittsburgh promoters Matthew McDermott, Edgar Um Bucholtz, Aaron Clark, and Paul Fleetwood, VIA’s core team of curators set forth to design a weekend of events that explored the intersection between emerging music, new media art, and technology with artists from home and around the world.

    VIA 2010 takes over 2 non-traditional venues for its main showcases – the 3rd largest soundstage in the US (31st Street Movie Studios) and a Moose Lodge. Educational events are hosted on Carnegie Mellon University’s campus. From October 01-03 VIA 2010 attracts close to 2000 attendees. Resident Advisor lists it as a Top 10 October Festival.

    The line-up features 42 artists, with headliners like Matthew Dear, Big Freedia, Oneohtrix Point Never, and Freddie Gibbs, all appearing alongside Pittsburgh talent like Majeure, Steve Moore and Shawn Rudiman. Visual artists included video games from Montreal’s Kokoromi Collective, interactive wall by London-based Mehmet Akten, and live visuals performed by 0PN collaborator Nate Boyce, Openframeworks and F.A.T. lab member Kyle McDonald, and more from around the US and Pittsburgh.

    Partnerships with Carnegie Mellon University’s STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, School of Art, and Activities Board provided free lectures and workshops spanning circuit bending to twerking with Oneohtrix Point Never + Nate Boyce, Big Freedia, Kyle McDonald, and Michael Johnsen.

    2010 Audio: Matthew Dear, Big Freedia, Dam-Funk, Oneohtrix Point Never, Freddie Gibbs, TOKiMONSTA, Steve Moore, !!!, Onra, Majeure, Egyptrixx, Craze & Klever, Dominique Young Unique, El-G, Frikstailers, Shawn Rudiman, Ekofield, Gangwish, Michael Johnsen, Margaret Cox, Xanopticon, Fol Chen, Expensive Shit, Shindiggaz

    2010 Visual: Kokoromi Collective, Mehmet Akten, Alison Childs, Nate Boyce, Kyle McDonald, Blair Neal, Rui Pereira, Matt Wellins, Josh Tonies, Jesse England, Gretchen Neidert & Stewart Anderson, Tom McConnell & Jen Inman, Di-Ay Battad