Experience a session with Brittany in an immersive environment “ASMR NPC” created in collaboration with artist/avatar LaTurbo Avedon, a 30 foot bubble, and VIA.

Brittany ASMR, ASMR is her passion. Since she was a very young she has been able to experience ASMR in random, every day mundane activity, and she values the relaxation it brings. Brittany’s YouTube sessions span Lullabies, Let’s Plays (for ASMR), Role Plays, Show and Tell, Sound videos, Collection videos, Nature videos, and Tutorials. More information can be found on her YouTube and Twitter pages, both by the handle “BrittanyASMR.”

When she’s not making ASMR videos to share her relaxation with others, she can be found crafting, making stained glass panels, baking, or candle-making. A native of Miami, with a background in writing, editing and publications, she lives on an alpaca farm with her three indoor cats and enjoys the outdoors, the tranquility of nature, and the freedom and solitude that country life brings.