DrmBt is the audio and visual design output of Vincent Theodore, a Chicago based artist, musician, DJ and Producer. Working alone or with collaborators, it is the aim of DrmBt to provide a challenging encounter at the point of experience, engaging an audience through liminal content and sub-liminal texture.

Exploring the intersection of video, light, and sound, Vincent works with traditional and electronic instruments, DJ and controllerist processes, DMX and MIDI protocols, and projections to create unique visual/acoustic textures, dance music, and video mapped environments.

This web portal is home to the network of projects, collaborators, events and portfolio work under the DreamBait umbrella. This includes Vincent’s various musical endeavors and design work, the live event production and curation of Canvas Chicago, the home of Shivaree Studios -Dreambait’s audio production arm, and access to the Voyager, a new year’s celebration curated by DreamBait.