Ennui is the brainchild of renowned Pittsburgh-based musician and producer Jim Doutrich, and has been around in various incarnations since 2004. Telepathic Beat (out September 23) is Ennui’s debut for Mush Records, and will be the album that exposes Jim Doutrich’s brand of infectious synth-pop to a whole new audience.

The playfully yearning vocals, syncopated synth patterns, and distorted Euro-dance grooves bring to mind both the 80s New Wave pop explosion, and the youthful nostalgia of recent releases by glo-fi re-originators. Though there is no shortage of hooks, “Circles”, “Summer Of Love”, and “Telepathic Beat” stand out in style and substance as roller-beats immersed in a bath of shimmering neo-shoegaze, creating a widescreen backdrop to act as home for brain-embedding melodies and subtly haunting lyrics.