Jeremy Bible is an Ohio based interdisciplinary artist and founder of the influential empire. For two decades he has explored the fringes of media through sound, visual and installation works. His sound works are both richly mesmerizing and expansively isolating.

Current a/v performances are focused on exploring rhythm through dismembering his multiverse of influences, from dance/techno/bass music, world & avant-garde/experimental genres, examining them through a fractured lens towards contorting and reassembling the elements into something all together mutant. Heavy use of poly-rhythms, clock manipulations & the stereo field are explored through a unique combination of midi sequencer/sampler/mixer workouts combined with a custom digital/analog hybrid modular system creating a strong sense of contrast between fluidity and rigidity.

On the visual end, Bible’s live-generated imagery harkens a place between Ryoji Ikeda and 70s light films.