ManOfTheDown is an artist and producer from Central Texas. He produces electronic music and plays all manner of digital and analog instruments. He is the Sonic Grandpa over at Collective Resonance, an independent music label based in Norfolk UK, and the administrative manager at Sole Glow Collective, a label out of Austin, TX. He is a self-proclaimed habitual collaborator and has worked with artists, labels, and groups all around the globe.

To give you a little history: He was born in Honolulu, HI and grew up between the Philadelphia area and Central Texas. As a youngster he was adept at music, participating in Marching/Symphonic Bands, Jazz Bands, Theory, Composition, and playing with numerous bands outside of school. After graduating high school, he worked some really shitty jobs, and then moved to Austin, TX where he now resides and works.

His love of sound makes it easy for him to bend genres to his will, but his sound has best been described as “…nasty, syrupy beat music for fantastical beasts of a cryptozoological nature.”

He is also known to write, paint, and bend the space-time continuum from time to time.