How many licks does it takes to get to the center of what makes die-hard hip-hop heads tick could be just what MR. OWL is after. The Pittsburgh-based DJ, producer & promoter who gets kicks from tinkering found electronics into tricked-out toy instruments has been turntabling & pad-mashing his way through the underground music scene.

He’s equally comfortable ravaging subwoofers as a resident of bass music crew Obvious, as he is behind the decks dropping head-nodders at local hip-hop mecca Timebomb. Since 2012 OWL has also curated a podcast & event series for progressive hip-hop producers, now known as ENFORCERY. Find him running Pittsburgh’s Soundcloud Meetup, a free workshop for artists & sound creators to exchange tracks and tips.

MR. OWL’s preference for soup-mix projects continues to define his cross-genre aesthetic. Mashing together a mecca of mix-martyred samples & lyric-rich tracks, his music maintains a fresh, independent-bred sound worth keeping an ear to – which begs two questions: how many licks did it take… and what’s the next flavor?