MSHR (Brenna Murphy & Birch Cooper)

artist lecture w Undervolt & Co. @ CMU, Thurs Oct 02
a/v performance with L-Vis 1990 & Traxman, Sat Oct 04

MSHR is the collaborative project of Birch Cooper and Brenna Murphy from Portland, OR, USA. The duo formed in 2011 during their involvement in the art collective Oregon Painting Society. MSHR explores ceremonial, cybernetic and cyborgian realms through interactive installation, analog synthesizer design, and ritualistic performance. Using blind probe-heads for hands, they feel out the space of the hyper-object chamber, exploring textures and searching for new hallways.

2014 fellows at Eyebeam Center for Art & Technology in NYC, Birch and Brenna have exhibited collaborative and solo digital artworks, sculpture, and performed at museums, venues, and festivals around the world including: Rhizome, Bitforms, Kunstverein Dusseldorf, Yerba Buena Center, The Future Gallery Berlin, 319 Scholes, Festival Nrml Mexico, and more.