Free app that let’s you explore Pittsburgh and see spaces differently with Augmented Reality Graffiti. Available here starting Oct 1 (iPhone, iPad, or Android).

Peek turns a place “into a treasure trove of unexpected easter eggs, some of them permanent and others as ephemeral as a pile of dead leaves.” – PSFK, Rachel Pincus

For this exclusive VIA Festival release, PEEK teams up with artists Vince McKelvie, James George, and Erick Mackie to create site-specific digital sculpture. To get a taste of what’s in store, check out McKelvie’s instagram where he has recently been blowing people’s minds.

Peek is a system that allows you to view virtual performers situated into real physical spaces on your iPhone, iPad, or Android. Developed by Andy Biar and Andrew Bueno, Peek allows you to look at familiar spaces differently.

Biar and Bueno developed scripts to import 3D models from the RGBD Toolkit (for Kinect-based 3D video capture) into the Unity3D game engine. A Github repository for their work can be found here. Recent graduates of Carnegie Mellon University (Art & Computer Science) this project was created with the support of a Frank-Raytche Art at the Frontier Grant from the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry.