Princess Nokia is a musical collective lead by twenty-two year old Destiny Nicole Ortiz. (formerly known as Wavy Spice)
Destiny is an up and coming, multifaceted, DIY artist from the New York City underground. Her unique musical style blends tribal beats, with trip hop and R&B – creating an exciting and new crossover of sounds.
Her first independent album, Metallic Butterfly, was released in May of 2014. In it she combines a post-Internet-era view on cyber-feminism, a metaphysical awareness of nature, sex and drugs; often stepping into a dystopian, or indigenous landscape. Her songs are both hypnotic and hyper reality driven.
Vice Magazine hailed it as being, “…one of the most exciting and ambitious [albums] to come out of the NYC underground in a long time…”
Destiny has a weekly web-radio show that she DJs and hosts as part of her feminist art collective, Smart Girls Club. Helping to open up dialogue and support for young women of all ethnicities in music and the arts.