Where fun, shade, and life are celebrated, True T is a diverse social network where underground Ballroom culture is brought to the forefront via unconventional mediums, exhibitions, social media, and regular branded events.

True T presents an exclusive VOGUE PITTSBURGH Battle Zone at VIA’s Kickoff Party, Wednesday Oct 1
Speed battles between the region’s top performers
with DJ MikeQ, commentator: Kevin JZProdigy
Judges: Malcom, Havoc, Kenny
Grandprize: $200 & Trophy

Role Call:
Hotsauce – Dramatic, Big Boys Performance, Mizrahi, McKeesport, PA
Dior – Dramatic, Twister, Mizrahi, McKeesport, PA
Pebbles – Soft & Cunt, Vogue Fem, Mizrahi, Pittsburgh, PA
Drea – Dramatic, FQ Performance, Ebony, Pittsburgh, PA
Mother Barbie – Soft & Cunt, FQ Performance, Revlon, Sheridan, PA
Midnight – Soft & Cunt, Vogue Fem, Revlon, Pittsburgh, PA
Overseer Mikeal – Soft & Cunt, Vogue Fem, Elite, Pittsburgh, PA
Yummy – Dramatic, Vogue Fem, 007, Pittsburgh, PA
Chazie – Dramatic, Big Boys Performance, Revlon, Pittsburgh, PA
Dez – Soft & Cunt, Twister, 007, Erie, PA
Mechelle – Dramatic, Vogue Fem, 007, Pittsburgh, PA
Brazil – Dramatic, Vogue Fem, Revlon, Pittsburgh, PA
Janelle – Soft & Cunt, FQ Performance, Revlon, Beaver County, PA
Mila – Soft & Cunt, FQ Performance, Ebony, Pittsburgh, PA
Overseer Dolce – dramatic, vogue fem, Mizrahi, McKeesport, PA
Gogo: soft and cunt, vogue fem, 007, Dayton, oh

Dior vs Dez
Dolce vs Yummy
Mikeal vs Pebbles
Drea vs Barbie
Mila vs Janelle
Hotsauce vs Chazie
GoGo vs Midnight
Brazil vs Mechelle

True T Entertainment (True T) is a division of True T Incorporated, a Pittsburgh based LGBTQ non profit organization. True T is the first and only ballroom organization based in Pittsburgh, PA, and directly supports local and regional LGBTQ minorities and allies. True T’s online presence is a place where ideology, art, music, fashion, and culture are exchanged. Since 2009, the organization has produced various events throughout the Pittsburgh region displaying amazing artistic and physical exhibitions, infused with a rich history of cultural background.

The “Original Vogue Pittsburgh Series” is an event that highlights the different elements of vogue, incorporating such movements into a mainstream light. It is one of the organization’s key stone events. VOGUE is a major component to the mission of the organization and is an art form that has been stolen by many celebrities and is used by other visual artists to feel trendy or unique.

Almost every aspect of “Hollywood” has been inspired by the underground ballroom community without any credit being given. Take back our culture!

photo: Christian Hendricks