An exclusive selection of unreleased indie video games touring only on the festival circuit right now.

Push Me Pull You
by Nico Disseldorp, Stuart Gillespie-Cook, Michael McMaster, Jake Strasser
A videogame about friendship and wrestling / cooperative physics-based sumo-soccer.
Push Me Pull You is a 2v2 sports game where you and your partner control the two heads of a single elongated body. Coordinate to wrestle the other sports-monster for control of the ball.
Coming to home computers in 2014.


Dog Park
by Kevin Cancienne
Become a dog as you chase, wrestle, cavort and gambol with other players in a chaotic struggle to have as much fun as you can. A fighting game without the fighting, Dog Park asks you to release your inner pup. Dog Park debuts right before VIA at NYU’s No Quarter show in New York City on September 19, 2014.


Curated by Pittsburgh-based artists / games developers:

Paolo Pedercini (Molleindustria) – game maker, trouble maker, and professor at Carnegie Mellon University

Timothy Sherman – video game developer

Caitlin Rose Boyle – artist and co-creator of an in development Nickelodon short who makes tiny video games, & short animations, comics, and illustrations