Vince McKelvie is a Los Angeles-based artist and programmer who’s “quite familiar with taking existing visuals and subverting their uses—and meanings—to create awesome, medium-defying art” (Creator’s Project).

His interactive software environments like Giphy (a search engine just for gifs), Gradient Forest, and collaborations like Club Rothko Builder (with artist/avatar LaTurbo Avedon) explore texture, shape and movement with digital rendering software influencing what is possible, as the material stuff (marble or found objects) of traditional sculpture.

His sculptural gifs crack open the well of kinetic sculpture, which have started to appear on his Instagram as a series of reality-bending videos that insert computer-generated 3D geometries into live, real-world footage. If you’d like to know how it’s done he’s open-sourced his files into a public dropbox.

Vince will be creating new animations for VIA’s version of PEEK – a free mobile app that explores Pittsburgh sites with “augmented reality graffiti”.